Results – 19th July

: Tim Newman
Runner up: Greg Taylor

Dog Show

Scruffiest Mutt
1st Colin
2nd woody
3rd wicket

Most Handsome Dog
1st Taz
2nd sonny
3rd Rufus

Prettiest Bitch
1st poppy
2nd Roxie
3rd Stella

Best-Puppy 0-12 months
1st Luna
2nd Willow
3rd Turk

Best Veteran
1st pip
2nd Jago
3rd Freddie

Youngest Handler
1st Mac and Ted
2nd Nellie
3rd luna

Best Crossbreed
1st Wicket
2nd Minnie
3rd. Buddy

Best Rescue
1st Lola
2nd Enjoy
3rd Flossie

Musical Sits
1st Mobi
2nd Colin
3rd Harper

Waggles Tail
1st Harper
2nd Barney
3rd woody

Best Trick
1st milo
2nd Loki
3rd sonny

Fancy Dress Dog and Owner
1st Ted
2nd wicket

Shiniest Coat
1st Minnie
2nd woody
3rd Luna

Most Appealing Eyes
1st Holly
2nd Diesel
3rd Pedro