Baby Competition

0 to 6 months
1st: Jordan Riseley
2nd: Sofia Adams
3rd: Melissa Hole-Davis

7 to 12 months
1st: Vivienne Allen
Joint second:
Alice Bowden
Gracie Mae Clark
Ashley George Cater
Lola Rundle

13 to 18 months
1st: Archie Gilbert
2nd: Lily Mae Hedges
3rd: Isaac Pope

19 to 24 months
1st: Lilith Bell
2nd: Jessica Williams
3rd: Lexi Winterburn

Fair Week Dog Show

Scruffiest Mutt
1st Peggy
2nd Elvis
3rd Smudge

Most Handsome Dog
1st Wilson
2nd Woody
3rd Ralf

Prettiest Bitch
1st Ivy
2nd Oben
3rd Mildred

Best Puppy (0-12 months)
1st Blue
2nd Princess
3rd Ellie

Best Veteran
1st Archie
2nd Peanut
3rd Megan

Youngest Handler
1st Poppy
2nd Bella
3rd woody

Best Crossbreed
1st Stig
2nd pip
3rd Woody

Best Rescue
1st Enzo
2nd Teddy
3rd Willow

Musical Sits
1st Narla
2nd Ivy
3rd Saffy

Waggiest tail
1st Buddy
2nd Odie
3rd Buzz

Best Trick
1st Odie
2nd Dude
3rd Poppy

Fancy Dress
1st Lottie

Shiniest Coat
1st Ralf
2nd Betty
3rd Mungo

Most Appealing Eyes
1st Woody
2nd Mabel & Buzz
3rd Mabel & Oben

Best in Show

1st – Dan Rowe
2nd – Harry Austin
3rd – Richard Smith